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The finish has arrived for Showtime’s Ray Donovan sequence. The standard drama, which ran for seven seasons, wrapped issues up with a two-hour film that answered a number of questions on what made Ray the person he’s as we speak.

A movie model was crucial because of the shock cancellation after the Season 7 finale, which left followers, star Liev Schreiber, and showrunner David Hollander hanging. After an enormous outcry, the choice was made to tie the excellent threads collectively and reveal whether or not the Donovans stand collectively or go down swinging. After all, Ray doesn’t go away free ends.

For the uninitiated, Ray Donovan is an expert “fixer” who handles the messy particulars of unlawful actions to guard celeb purchasers. The drama additionally introduced out the interactons between Ray’s kids, brothers, spouse and the menacing patriarch of the household, Mickey, performed by Jon Voight, who will get an sudden launch from jail.


In the Friday finale, the film picked up the place Season 7 ended. Mickey Donovan is on the run, and his son is shut behind.

The sudden results of that confrontation, although, was Mickey being the one to die. But not at Ray’s hand – as an alternative, Ray’s daughter, Bridget, did the deed.

In a TV Line interview, the movie’s cowriters, Schreiber and director Hollander, talked about why they determined to kill off the Jon Voight character.

“David and I both agreed early on that it made sense that somebody had to go in the end. And it felt like having Bridget inherit the [Donovan family’s] mantle of pain [by killing Mickey] was an interesting and logical choice,” Schreiber mentioned.

Hollander added, “In my head, it was the one loss of life that may happen… And it needed to be [Bridget that pulled the trigger]. Thematically, we’re pushing all of this sh-t downhill, and who’s watching Ray? And it’s Bridget.

The option to convey issues to a conclusion would have been extra ambiguous, Hollander mentioned, if the sequence had continued on for an eighth season.

“It may have been more of a disappearance or a mysterious thing. But the story really is about, not just the legacy of violence, but, “Who is the wolf? Who is the person that’s really stirring the pot?” We needed to wake Ray as much as his half in all of this as a result of, in a manner, he’s the larger antihero of the 2. And he’s the genesis of numerous the issues we see within the present.”

Schreiber agreed. “It’s the thing about inherited trauma that’s compelling about the show to me. The conscious and unconscious ways in which we promote and reproduce trauma.”


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