Peter Bogdanovich’s final movie was on Gershwin brothers


Could a posthumous challenge by Peter Bogdanovich on George and Ira Gershwin make it to the large display screen?

After the famed director of “The Last Picture Show” died January 6, author Sam Kashner revealed in Graydon Carter’s Air Mail this week that he and Bogdanovich had been penning a screenplay in regards to the famed “Porgy and Bess” composers over the previous 12 months, known as “Our Love Is Here To Stay.”

Bogdanovich was additionally meant to direct the movie.

“Peter was so excited about the prospect of being back in the director’s chair,” writes Kashner of the director whose credit additionally included the ’70s classics “Paper Moon” and “What’s Up, Doc?” “He began to talk about how the Gershwin picture had to be shot in black-and-white,” like “The Last Picture Show.”

But Kashner remembers that because the screenplay course of ended, “To make our movie, Peter knew he would need something like an understudy [to direct], for insurance purposes, ‘in case anything happened to me.’”

But whereas “Peter floated a few names for possible alternate directors… sadly we didn’t get that far.”

Composers George Gershwin and Ira GershwinBogdanovich had been penning a screenplay in regards to the famed “Porgy and Bess” composers over the previous 12 months known as “Our Love Is Here To Stay.” Michael Ochs Archives

Bogdanovich himself had served as a backup director for initiatives by Orson Welles and John Cassavetes, Kashner writes.

He handed away at 82 from issues of Parkinson’s illness.

Kashner now figures of the duo’s Gershwin brothers movie: “Someone, someday may come along and breathe life into our Gershwin story, imbue it with Peter’s spirit, but for me, it was never just about the screenplay, as these things are in the laps of the gods anyway. It was always about the pleasure of his company, the pure joy of the work.”

There’s buzz that considered one of Bogdanovich’s acolytes may take a look at the challenge. His acclaimed followers embrace Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach, Quentin Tarantino and David Chase.

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