Meredith Hagner’s ‘Search Party’ Reaction Shots Deserve An Emmy, Maybe Even An Oscar


The fifth and last season of Search Party is a vibe… and that vibe is fantastic, unhinged chaos. From the incisive storytelling to the who’s who of visitor stars to the scrumptious batch of weird character names (Tunnel Quinn! Dr. Amanda Baby! Liquorice Montague!), each the season and the present on the whole was an A-to-Z delight. Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers, and Michael Showalter’s trenchant thriller comedy was at all times one of the crucial formidable sequence on tv, however the last installment was an enormous swing even by the present’s lofty requirements. And regardless of a razor-thin margin of error, Search Party exited with the trademark swagger and renegade bravado that outlined the critically-acclaimed fan favourite all through its 5 seasons on TBS and HBO Max.

Search Party delivered a surplus of memorable laugh-out-loud moments throughout its run, however the one fixed that stood out was Meredith Hagner’s portrayal of Portia Davenport. The whole forged was distinctive — Alia Shawkat by no means incomes an Emmy nomination is… what’s the phrase? Ah sure: impolite — however Hagner’s inexhaustible comedy prowess deserves a standing ovation. The actress is a multifaceted performer, however probably the most prolific transfer in her arsenal is her ethereal mastery of the outdated tv chestnut often called the response shot.

Meredith Hagner as Portia -- reaction shotsPhoto: HBOMeredith Hagner as Portia -- reaction shotsPhoto: HBOMeredith Hagner as Portia -- reaction shotsPhoto: HBOMeredith Hagner as Portia -- reaction shotsPhoto: HBO

I imply… come on! It’s like a gorgeous, expressive explosion of emoticons. As somebody who’s spent numerous hours watching Schitt’s Creek to seize the funniest jokes or “best Davids,” I really feel assured saying that Meredith Hagner delivered the funniest response pictures since first poll facial expressions Hall of Famer Alexis Rose. A daring but correct assertion.

Meredith Hagner on Search PartyA snapshot of each optimistic evaluation I’ve ever written.Photo: HBO

Meredith Hagner is a maestro of emoting. The second episode of the ultimate season featured a brunch reunion between Dory, Drew, Elliott, and Portia. On its personal, it’s an exquisite instance of what makes Search Party work. But should you rewatch the scene and concentrate on Portia’s overt skepticism over Dory’s newfound enlightenment, you’ll discover how Hagner’s efficiency elevates the hilarity whereas concurrently heightening the stress.

Search Party brunch sceneHBOSearch Party brunch sceneHBO

Eatin’ pasta and shootin’ daggers: The Portia Davenport story.

Meredith Hagner’s versatility extends nicely past Search Party. Here she is politely telling the person who put the treasure within the movie National Treasure, slick Nicky Cage, to “pipe down while she’s on the phone with AT&T.”

Meredith Hagner/Nic CagePhoto: HBO/Netflix

We even have a candid photograph of the actress celebrating the truth that each Rizzoli and Isles graced the duvet of the July 2011 version of TV Guide.

Meredith Hagner and a TV GuidePhoto: HBO/Everett Collection

And lastly, if Hollywood’s trying to forged a lead actress for that buzzy new grownup Home Alone reboot that’s been makin’ the rounds in Tinseltown, we’ve two phrases: Meredith Hagner.

Meredith Hagner and Home AlonePhoto: HBO/twentieth Century Fox

Goodbye, Search Party. You’ll be missed, outdated good friend.

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