Matthew Stafford’s spouse Kelly on Leonardo DiCaprio encounter


Kelly Stafford’s trip story from the vault will seemingly offer you a severe case of FOMO.

During Tuesday’s episode of her podcast, “The Morning After with Kelly Stafford,” the spouse of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford recalled a previous couple’s journey with Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and his spouse, Sara, the place they crossed paths with Leonardo DiCaprio.

“We are in the Bahamas, at this place called Baker’s Bay, the Ryans and us, and again, they’re good friends of ours, we love them to death,” Kelly started.

“We go to the owner of this place’s house, cause he’s having a dinner, he’s hiring this new chef. We sit down and there’s four seats next to us that are completely empty. And we’re like, ‘Okay, we got sat at the loser’s table, it’s just us four, whatever,’” she continued.

Later into the night time, Leonardo DiCaprio joined the dinner, together with Nina Agdal and two others.

“So they walk in, and we’re immediately kicking each other under the table,” Kelly stated. “Anyways, we get to know them and they’re like, ‘Hey, let’s play volleyball tomorrow,’ and we’re like, ‘Okay, yeah, we’ll play you in volleyball, why not?’”

Kelly stated they shrugged it off, pondering DiCaprio and his group have been joking round a couple of match, however have been in for a shock after they arrived on the seashore the subsequent day.

“So the guys go to play golf and Sara and I head to the beach and lo and behold, there is Leo and Nina and all of them warming up on the sand volleyball court, and we’re like, ‘Oh s—t,’” she stated.

Kelly Stafford and Sara Ryan, the wife of Falcons quarterback Matt RyanKelly Stafford and Sara Ryan, the spouse of Falcons quarterback Matt RyanInstagram

Kelly and Sara then texted their husbands, who ditched golf for the volleyball recreation of a lifetime.

“We play this volleyball, a ‘Meet the Fockers’ moment happens, where Matthew spikes it and it ricochets off — some of the workers played with us, too — ricochets off the worker’s hands, on the other team, right into Nina Agdal’s face,” Kelly stated. “That happens and we’re all like, ‘Oh, s—t.’”

Kelly stated that Agdal, who was linked to DiCaprio in 2016, brushed it off and continued. And whereas DiCaprio’s group didn’t stroll away with an upset victory, the Oscar winner, 47, was prepared for an additional problem: final frisbee.

Leonardo DiCaprio made a cameo  appearance during the Staffords' vacationLeonardo DiCaprio made a cameo look through the Staffords’ vacationAFP through Getty Images

“I was like, ‘Why in the world does this guy keep challenging us to sports?’” Kelly recounted.

Following a day of athletics, the group later recouped with some ingesting video games, together with Picolo, which is available as an app.

“So as the game goes along, the challenges get, I would say, a little dirtier,” Kelly stated. “So we’re getting to this point, and we are all hammered, Leo gets the phone and it says, ‘Leo, lick Sara’s ear four times or drink six sips.’”

Kelly Stafford and Matthew Stafford vacation in the Bahamas in 2016Kelly Stafford and Matthew Stafford trip within the Bahamas in 2016Instagram

Kelly was underneath the impression DiCaprio would take the six sips, however the “Don’t Look Up” star stunned her.

“He gets up quickly, and slowly walks over to Sara, and I’m looking at Sara like, ‘Holy s—t,’” she stated. “He like squats slowly and just goes after Sara’s ear… Licks her ear, I don’t know, about four seconds, gets up, sits back down, and I swear Sara didn’t move.”

Quarterback Matthew Stafford and the Rams will face the Cardinals in the NFC wild-card game on Monday, Jan. 17, 2022Quarterback Matthew Stafford and the Rams will face the Cardinals within the NFC wild-card recreation on Monday, Jan. 17, 2022Icon Sportswire through Getty Images

When Kelly shared a clip of the story Wednesday on Instagram, Sara responded, “Most incredible moment of my life, childbirth included! Time stood still for me!!👂🏻💦”

As for the Staffords, they’re readying for the Rams’ wild-card recreation Monday towards the Cardinals, hoping to maintain Arizona followers far, distant from SoFi Stadium.

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