Malmas 2022 Start Date, Malmas Kab Lagega 2022? Check Date, Rituals And More


Malmas 2022 Start Date

Every year, during the months of Margashirsha and Paush, karma arrives. It feels burning when the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius. According to astrologers, marriage, engagement, shaving, and building development are all considered prohibited in Kharmas. This year, there will be a sourness, beginning on the 16th of December, when the Sun enters Sagittarius and ending on the 14th of January. All auspicious works will remain stopped until then. Devotees bath ritualistically in sacred waterways and worship Surya with fervor. Surya will enter the Capricorn zodiac, Makar Sankranti, in India. This month, you are not permitted to do some things in particular.

Malmas Kab Lagega 2022

On 16th of December, when the Sun enters Sagittarius, Malmas started and will end on the 14th of January. On his seven horses, the Sun God rides around the universe. During this circumambulation, the Sun does not stop at any point. However, the horses tied to the chariot become exhausted due to a lack of rest. Suryadev is moved by this and leads the horses to a pond to drink water. The sun god only then realizes that it will be a calamity if the chariot comes to a halt. Suryadev notices two Khar (donkeys) when he gets close to the pond. Surya ties the Khar to the chariot and leaves his horses at the pond to sip water. They can drag Suryadev’s chariot with tremendous effort. The chariot’s speed also slows down during this time. Suryadev can barely complete this month’s cycle, but his horses have taken a break. According to legend, the Sun’s horses rest at Kharmas once a year.

Malmas Rituals

This month being adhik maas, the spillover for charity, helping others, and donating the necessary things are all carried on this month. This month, being an extra month, all the good things such as marriages, buying new things, and moving to a new house are usually restricted. The only ritual followed is the worship of Lord Vishnu, in his form, early in the morning and dedicating the entire month to worship the Lord. The major ritual that is followed is that singing bhajans in the praise of lord early in the morning.

What To Do In Malmas?

People should bathe before sunrise and honor the Sun god by presenting Arghya, according to Hindu texts (water). People should also donate with a clear heart since it can benefit them. Clothing can be contributed in addition to food. Lord Krishna bestows his blessings on those who adore cows and serve cows in Kharmas. This brings more happiness and prosperity into the home and all types of future success.


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What Not To Do In Malmas 2022?

  • During the month of Kharmas, stay away from the following:

  • During this time, marriage and engagement should be avoided.

  • Construction of a new home or the purchase of real estate should not be undertaken during this month. Houses erected during this period are reported to be generally weak.

  • Do not establish a new company or job. Financial issues arise while starting a new firm in Malmas.

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Malmas 2022 Start Date – FAQs

1. What is the meaning of Dhanurmasam?

Dhanurmas or Dhanur Masa is also known by the names Chapa Mas, Kodanda Mas, Karmuka Mas etc. Chapa, Kodanda, Karmuka, etc., in Sanskrit are synonyms of Dhanus; meaning a bow. 

2.  Is Dhanurmasam good for marriage?  

The functions like Marriage and betrothal, should not happen during the Dhanurmaasa.This month is entirely dedicated to the Worship of the Lord.

3. What is the date of Malmas?

6th of December, when the Sun enters Sagittarius and ending on the 14th of January.

4. Which Masa is February?

Magha and Phalguna are the lunar months corresponding to February.

5. Which God is worshipped on Nag Panchami?

Lord Shiva is worshipped on Nag Panchami.

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