Chilling moment ‘paedophile’ grabs girl in apartment block and tries to drag her away before she fights him off

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DISTURBING CCTV footage shows a suspected paedo trying to abduct a girl, six, from an empty stairwell in Russia.

The suspected pervert can be seen creeping up behind her in a multi-storey apartment block before grabbing her.

Social mediaThe man, wearing a cap to disguise himself, could be seen creeping up behind the girl in Omsk, Russia[/caption] Investigative CommitteeThe Investigative Committee in Russia has released these images of the suspect[/caption]

Luckily, the terrified child managed to escape after a fierce struggle on the staircase with her would-be kidnapper in Omsk, southwestern Siberia.

The brave girl clung with all her strength to the stairwell railing as the man sought but failed to yank her away after tailing her.

The brazen attacker then fled – possibly in fear of being caught.

A major hunt has now been launched to track down the suspected child sex attacker.

The girl told her parents and they reported the chilling attempted abduction to cops.

Social mediaHe suddenly lunged towards the girl on the empty stairwell[/caption] Social mediaThe sickening moment the man grabbed hold of the girl and she bravely clung to the railing to avoid being kidnapped[/caption]

Footage of the attack was found on a security surveillance camera in the apartment block.

The suspected pervert was described as being 25-30 years old and of average build.

The man is believed to be 5ft 9 inches tall, with long curly hair to his shoulders and bristles on his face.

He was described as wearing a black jacket, black trousers, black boots, and a dark grey cap.

The girl was not physically harmed in the attack, said the Russian Investigative Committee – which oversees the hunting down and prosecution of criminals.

“Measures are being taken to solve this crime and capture the suspect,” the committee announced.

Social mediaThe suspected paedo could be seen fleeing the scene in Siberia[/caption]


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